Hurry up and save the world, right?

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I guess Carlos’ dream journal got a bit poetic and surreal there for a while.

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Harry then did something that was both very brave and very stupid.
Harry’s entire life ever summarized into one nice phrase in Chapter 10 of SS  (via maraurder)
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My name is Annie Clare Sawyer. And two years ago I died. But in so many ways that’s when my life began. In the company of horrors, I learned about friendship and loyalty, sacrifice and courage. Humanity isn’t a species. It’s a state of mind. It can’t be defeated. It moves mountains, it saves souls. We were blessed as much as we were cursed. In this little enclave of the lost, I witnessed the very best of being human. We were safe here. While outside, the monsters prowled.

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[DW meme] Favorite female companion

↳ ★ Martha Jones 

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It’s also an important reminder that Veronica Mars could only be a female character. It’s not a show that would work if the main character was simply reassigned to a differently-gendered actor. Veronica thrives on that underdog status. She needs people to consistently look down upon her, in the most obvious literal sense as well as the conventional metaphorical sense, in order to be so effective. - TV’s Great Women

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Soft-spoken sweet-smelling Sansa, who loved silks, songs, chivalry and tall gallant knights with handsome faces.

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an alpha of your own pack

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I don’t have to answer to you, I have to produce for you. I don’t do lost causes or tilt at windmills. I don’t perform miracles or do the impossible, I make cold calculations about difficult situations and I do not take on anything I know I won’t win. And I will win this.

TV SHOW MEME: [3/5] female charactersOlivia Pope

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There’s something really wonderful about playing somebody who wants you to think they have everything together and is melting down inside. So her physicality, to me, was like a demonstration of her togetherness. If she can make you think that she’s got it together, then it’s okay. As long as everybody thinks that she’s perfect, then it’s all good. As soon as people start to see the cracks, she starts to get really terrified. - Tatiana Maslany

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as if men had a monopoly on murder
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